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As featured in – Living Design Magazine

Our Gorconny Cottage extension and renovation in Ballycastle, County Antrim.

This project was picked by the RSUA Living Design panel for its unique modern design with the traditional Irish cottage.

The proposed extension to the rear creates a larger and more modern open plan space for relaxing, cooking, and entertaining with friends and family. 

Merging both traditional and modern styles with locally sourced timber classing, crisp white render, and zinc cladding bring both warmth and contact to the front and rear elevation, which invokes a sympathetic nod to the rural context.

The proposed extension to the rear creates a larger and modern open plan space for relaxing, cooking, a

New project | Doctors house Ballymena

We’re pleased to have been appointed as architects for a Replacement Dwelling project on the outskirts of Ballymena, County Antrim.
We’ll be involved from the beginning through to onsite for contract administration.

foundations being dug on projects outside ballymena
blockwork coming along nicely on site.

Mayoral reception at The Braid Arts Centre

It was a great privilege for local practise Slemish Design Studio Architects to be recognised by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council 

We were invited to meet Madam Mayor of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council for being finalists in 2 categories in the Belfast Telegraph property awards.

The awards we are finalists for are:

  • Residential Architectural Practice of the Year
  • Innovative Use of Smarthome Technology

kilgad house Handover

our traditional style house in Moorfields, Ballymena has been completed & handed over.

New Project | Gladiator Gym Ballymena

internal images for warehouse for gladiator gym in ballymena

We’ve recently been commissioned to make a planning and building control application for one of Ballymena’s best-known gyms – Gladiator Training.

Ran by Scott McGarry over the past 3 years Gladiator gym has gone from strength to strength.

With the additional space, we are proposing the gym will end up with an additional 12000square foot of extra space to train in.

making Gladiator Gym one of the largest in Northern Ireland.

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new project | replacement dwelling ahoghill

A new project through the planning process & heading onto site.

replacement dwelling outside ahoghill ballymena
dwelling remains

We gained planning approval for a replacement dwelling (Policy CTY 3 – Replacement Dwellings) on the outskirts of Ahoghill, Ballymena.

the image above shows the state that the existing dwelling was in.

historical maps showed that a building was in the same position, which was used in our statement of case to planning ni.

Anyway, with the boring text out of the road, we’ll post updates of it onsite 🙂

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, feel free to get in touch with our

are you looking to build in the future?

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lisnafillon house complete

We have recently overseen the completion of our Lisnafillon house, just outside Ballymena, County Antrim

This modern house has been kitted out with all the latest in smart home technology, from motion detected CCTV to battery backup solar PV

Materials such as western cedar cladding soften the front elevation against the Kilkenny limestone & smooth Weber render

modern house in ballymena by slemish design studio architects

Internally we’ve gone with a neutral tone, using white paint, light grey porcelain tiles & oak doors.

light & airy entrance

Head over to our project page for more images & information on this project.

should you have a project you’d like to discuss, feel free to get in contact with ourselves.

woodtown manor project moving along well

Our housing development at Woodtown Manor, in Ballymena, is coming along nicely on site.

Creagh Concrete on site

Today we had Creagh Concrete on-site with their Spantherm concrete slabs.

Spantherm is an insulated, precast concrete flooring system designed specifically for residential and commercial ground floors.  By producing high performance insulated structural concrete units off-site we have redefined the speed of installing a fully insulated ground floor. 

Spantherm plus Flooring

Spantherm Plus Flooring on our site Woodtown Manor Ballymena, nothing but the best !

Posted by AMD HOMES LTD on Tuesday, 24 September 2019

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new project | modern replacement dwelling broughshane

replacement dwelling & conversion of barn in broughshane

we’ve another existing replacement dwelling on the board outside Broughshane, Ballymena.

converting the barn back to use as the kitchen area, along with bringing the old water wheel & pond back to life.
these along with a new modern house will appeal to everyone that loves old & new.

eco, sustainable or renewable whatever the buzz word is these days.. this house will have it.
from air source heating to solar & PV panels with mvhr.

that and what a view of slemish mountain

modern replacement dwelling outside broughshane

new project | ex-garda station Roscommon, Ireland

The Barracks, Tremane, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon

Over the past 5 years, over 40 former garda stations in Ireland have been sold or auctioned as part of a nationwide station consolidation programme from The Office of Public Works.

Luckily for ourselves, we have been instructed as architects for an ex-garda station that has been bought by a young family in Roscommon.

Set in a long narrow site surrounded by old deciduous trees, the 1800’s building isn’t the best house to be living in, but with minor renovations & adding a modern extension, this can be brought to life, merging old & new buildings, along with retaining the character of the property.

Using local stone, along with clean render & timber cladding with plenty of glazed opening, this will give the family the design & quality of life they are looking for from their home.

This is the second police station we’ve worked in the office, with our Glenarm police station being renovated & extended into a 5 star B&B.
click here

should you have a project you’d like to discuss, feel free to get in touch with our office, either via our website, or our facebook page

2 New projects in overlooking Galway Bay in Salthill, Ireland

Not the best day to be taking a video, but right in front of us is Galway Bay.
We’ve been appointed as architects for 2 new projects Outside Salthill in Galway.

Client’s Case Study Martinstown house

Client’s Case Study at our Martinstown house takes us to, Self-builders Ciaran & Catherine. They give us an insight into what it’s like to build your own grand designs.

case study martinstown house architects ballymena

Why did you decide to build your dream home?

We were given the opportunity to build beside my parents. While it has always been a dream to build my own house I didn’t expect the opportunity to arise so soon! As the plot is on family land we felt we really needed to honour the site and ensure that the house would be a home for life.

How did you come about Slemish Design Studio?

I had seen some of their work online and I liked the style of architecture. When I went to meet Steven and Joe I felt we clicked and would work well together, they are both really lovely guys and I felt that we had really similar taste in material finishes and designs. They were really supportive throughout the building process and really approachable.

When putting your brief together, what was top of the list?

My list was about 4 pages long! I was careful not to impose limitations on what they could create but I outlined how I wanted the house to ‘feel’ and work as a home. Some priorities were that I wanted to be able to reach the gardens from any point in the house. I wanted to be able to see through the house to the view upon entry. I liked single storey buildings and courtyards and I wanted a contemporary house which borrowed from the local vernacular.

What is your must-have feature you wouldn’t compromise on?

As with most things in life budget can dictate how a project becomes a reality. There are always compromises to be made! One thing I was determined we would include is black timber cladding and I am so glad we did as I love the finish.

How have/did you found the experience so far.

Many people say building a house is the most stressful experience of their lives but I genuinely loved it. I feel really fortunate to have had the opportunity to build my own house and I really tried to relish every moment, there is nothing quite like poring over the plans for your home or visiting the site as the design drawings become real walls and windows. I remember seeing my views framed for the first time by walls and realising that this was what I would wake up to every morning!

What was your favourite part of the process?

I find it really difficult to pick just one, I so enjoyed the process of working with the architects, liaising with the builder, designing the kitchen etc. I suppose having the opportunity to work with people who are passionate about their jobs was the best part.

During the whole process, what did you find the worst

As this was going to be a ‘forever home’ I got myself tied up in knots about where to prioritise budget. There are very important decisions to be made in terms of the spec of the house as insulation/windows/roof decisions can only be made once. We had to really wrangle with this to ensure the budget was allocated sensibly. In the end, we decided to invest in the ‘bones’ of the house and accept that certain aspects such as the landscaping and some rooms would have to wait until after we moved in.

Have you used anything different such as MVHR/Eco etc in your house

We installed a BEAM MVHR house, invested in a deep cavity and lots of insulation in the walls and roof, the windows are triple glazed and while we currently use oil for our underfloor heating, long term we will explore more eco-friendly options like a heat pump.

How would you describe your project

It was a pleasure to plan and build and is a pleasure to live in.

Have you any tips for any future self-builders

Just really enjoy it, make sure you have a positive mindset towards the project. Choose your architect carefully and encourage them to push the envelope with your brief a little. Remember they have trained to create new and exciting buildings. Look at lots and lots of architecture online and challenge your tastes. I read that your taste will change every 5 years.
The builder will make or break your experience, do your research and speak to past clients to check out how the houses they have built are standing the test of time and how they found the builder to work with. I struck gold with John (ESTCO LTD). I would build another house in the morning but only if I knew John would be my builder, he was wonderful.


Merry Christmas Everyone

We’d like to wish all our clients, friends, family & all those who just like our work a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year… Hope Santa comes & we’ll see you all for a very exciting 2018


happy christmas architects ballymena

How to Build a Dream Home

When someone says “dream home” to you, what comes to mind?


modern dream home outside newry


Everyone has a dream home locked away at the back of their brain but even though building that dream home might be a labour of love, it should also be carefully planned out and considered before pen is ever put to paper or materials have been bought.
We know that the idea of a dream home can represent different things to different people but there are a few constants in the process so, if you want to make it a reality, the points below should help guide your thinking.


Select Your Team

 Selecting and surrounding yourself with the right individuals can have a massive impact on the speed and success of your dream home project…as well as your own sanity!  When it comes to your dream home team the key individuals will include your architect, builder or contractor, bank lender (should you need credit or a self-build mortgage) and a solicitor, amongst others.  Whilst you don’t need everything set up from day one it helps as each member of the project will provide their own unique perspective which, all together, should help you avoid major pitfalls and problems.  Do your research, ask plenty of questions and choose wisely.

architects office ballymena kinsale belfast


Think Big Picture

Thinking “big picture” might seem obvious (you’re building a house after all…) but what we really mean here is constantly ask yourself questions before any major decision.
Your architects should be able to help during this process. If you want plenty of natural light then think about what that means to the building. Likewise if you prefer dark, cosy spaces, the design should follow this preference.
Similarly, you should ask yourself questions about what you want to do with the space available and where you want to place key features of the house.


Focus on Small Details

After you’ve nailed down big picture features it’s time to consider all the smaller details that can have a real impact on your home.One major consideration, as we move into an increasingly digital world, should be “smart home” product integration. Smart Home products include Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Homekit and they can help control things like heating, lighting, security and entertainment in your house all from a smartphone app. Building with these near-future additions could help save costs in the long run.   Other small details could include the inclusion of under floor heating in certain areas of the house, wardrobe placement and storage space, access for pets, placement of bins, parking and more.


Style & Materials

Almost all of us are aesthetic animals at heart meaning that, when designing our dream home, we want to dive straight into the style, materials, colours and interior design.  That’s fine as long as you remember that finding a plot and deciding on major elements of the project come first. After that it’s time to get creative.

This is all part of the process and your architects will be able to help steer your thinking but you’ll most likely already know whether you prefer traditional or modern designs, stone cladding over timber, inside outside garden designs and so much more.

At this stage it’s important to be as clear as possible when delivering your brief to the architects. Give them as much information as possible, including specific opinions and preferences, so that they can create designs you’ll love.


Pick the Right Plot

For many picking the right plot isn’t an issue as families gift or inherit land between each other. However, if you’re completely starting from scratch then choosing the right plot will have a major impact on your dream home.

Not only do plots demand a large chunk of your budget, they also determine the location of your dream home, your future neighbours, the surrounding landscape and environment, views, access to public resources and amenities and so much more.

In short, choosing a plot is a massive decision and we’ve written a guide to help you through this process which you can access by clicking here!

Put all your effort into choosing the right plot. Everything else will flow from there.



Are you still in the “dream home” phase or are you ready to act?
Sometimes the best thing to do is to chat through all your ideas with experienced heads ready to offer guidance and direction where needed.

We’ve worked through loads of different projects, from new builds to extensions and barn conversions to modern designs, so we’d be happy to chat. You can contact us by clicking here or just reach out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

How to Find the Perfect Plot

How to Find the Perfect Plot for your self-build

For many, finding the perfect plot of land is the start of the home building process but it can be a daunting task for first-timers and those of us who are inexperienced.  In reality, there are plenty of people out there ready to help and guide you through the process and the “perfect plot” is determined by only a few key factors.  Over the years we’ve worked on loads of different projects on various plots of land so we thought we’d collect together some of the key points that, in our opinion, make the perfect self-build plot.

modern house on building site


Set Your Budget

The first stage in the process, as with almost every aspect of building your own home, is to determine your budget. There are various rules of thumb to follow but for most self-build projects the plot of land will command between 20-40% of your total budget. This might seem like a substantial amount but, as we regularly hear from property experts, location is very important and plot prices will vary considerably depending on where in the world (or Northern Ireland if you’re a local reader…) you want to buy and build!


Talk to the Experts

We would recommend talking to experts regardless of your experience but if you’re a first-time buyer (and self-builder) then we would consider this an essential part of the process.  Who are these experts? They could be estate agents, architects like us, solicitors, builders or developers. Each profession will have their own thoughts and opinions on what makes the perfect plot of land so talking to as many people as possible will give you a clearer, fuller picture of what exactly you should be looking for.

traditional cottage being built outside ballymena


Analyse the Area

This is where most people actually begin the perfect plot process.  As mentioned above, location is extremely important and impacts everything from your own happiness in your new home to the property value, should you ever want to sell in the future. Analysing what you can get, and where, will help you hone in on the perfect plot. Analysis of the surrounding area will also help shape your future project plans alongside your chosen architect. Surrounding buildings, or lack thereof, will most likely impact the design and style of your new home.
As a result of these impacts, you should carefully study your new potential neighbourhood and consider whether or not your self-build project will work there.

How to Find the Perfect Plot


Identify Vehicle and Services Access

Another major factor in determining the perfect plot is to identify vehicle access via main roads and access to key services like water, gas and electric.  Without proper vehicle access, the plot is unlikely to get planning permission, if it hasn’t already, as builders won’t have the access they need to carry out their work.  Similarly, if the plot doesn’t have proper access to the services and amenities mentioned above you will have to budget for these features to be installed and connected to your future home.  Awareness is key here. Identify exactly what the property needs or already has and then make an informed decision from there.


Identify Planning Permissions

Planning permission is a serious issue and we would highly recommend that you never purchase a plot of land under the assumption that planning permission will be granted. There are so many factors at play when undertaking your own self-build project that you should treat planning permission like a “black or white” issue. The plot of land in question either has planning permission or it hasn’t and if it hasn’t then we recommend waiting until everything is officially signed off or moving on to the next plot of land on your list.


Make Your Move

 After everything has been thoroughly considered it’s time to make your move.  It might seem strange, especially if you’re a first-time self-builder, to commit such a large amount of money to a plot of land and nothing else but this is the first stage of the self-build process. Talk to the experts in your world, make sure the plot ticks as many boxes as possible and then go for it. After that, you can look forward to the design process and eventually be laying those first foundations.


If you have any more questions about finding the perfect plot we’d be happy to give our thoughts and make it as specific to your situation as possible. Just contact us here or on our facebook page