architectural 3d visuals services

Architectural 3d visuals by Slemish Design Studio

we offer a range of services targeted towards the production of high-end digital artwork. Our team of designers are able to work with your concepts and ideas to take them through to the end product which really gets the results you’re looking for.
Every project is unique and we love diversity. We will discuss with you the desired atmosphere, that could range from sketchy collages for competition entries to photo-realistic images for finished projects.

3D Visualisation (CGI) – 3D visualisation is a process of converting 2D CAD into an image that looks like a photo in order to communicate a message. 3D visualisation and virtual photography provide huge benefits across a wide spectrum of industries from aiding the sale of properties off-plan, to creating an advertising image that would simply be impossible or not cost-effective to produce in real life.

3D Sketchup Visualisation – 
With our 3D Sketchup modelling and rendering service you can have 3D models produced at a lower cost than with any other 3D software.

3D Model Making – Our models can be used for marketing and promotional purposes as well as providing excellent visualisation tools for the various stages of the planning and building design process giving the client an instant understanding of a proposed design.


Should you require a 3D Visual, please feel free to contact our office