new project |house extension and renovation in Athenry, Galway

We’re pleased to have been award a new project in Athenry, County Galway.

The current house isn’t large enough for Fiona & her family, this is where she’s asked us to take a look at it.

front elevation of house in athenry galway for house extension and renovation

the extension

We are still looking to retain the “cottage” look of the main front body of the house, with the use of new render & paint finish, along with sliding sash windows.

concept 3D for house extension and renovation Athenry Galway

With regards to the “extension”, we are proposing a modern, fresher looking house, with western cedar timber cladding, along with large windows & flat roofs

concept 3D for house extension and renovation Athenry Galway

Slemish Design Studio Architects work all over Ireland and the UK doing various projects.

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New Project | Treadstown Kildare for a modern house

We’re pleased to say we’ve another project in Treadstown, County Kildare

A modern 4 bedroom house set within a flat site, with mature vegetation around it.

selfbuild site in Treastown County Kildare

Dunfanaghy House nearly ready for onsite

Last year we secured a project for a modern house and garage in Dunfanaghy, County Donegal.

The brief was quite simple. A modern open plan house with plenty of glazing to take in views of Muckish Mountian & Horn Head.

With this in mind, we put together something that Donegal County Council planning department was very complimentary of & approving.

Here we’ve produced a 3D render of the rear of the house to show our client how it will turn out.

3D render of modern house

We work all over Ireland and the UK doing various projects.

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Award-winning Architects at Belfast Property Awards 2019

We’ve only gone & won 2 awards

belfast telegraph property awards for slemish design studio

We had a great night in Belfast at the Belfast Telegraph Property Awards

And totally over the moon to come home with 2 Awards

Award-winning Architectural practice of the year
Innovative use of smart home technology for our Lisnafillon House

There will hopefully be a lot more to come from us 🙂

slemish design studio architects with 2 awards at the belfast property awards

Mayoral reception at The Braid Arts Centre

It was a great privilege for Slemish Design Studio Architects to be recognised by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council 

We were invited to meet Madam Mayor of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council for being finalists in 2 categories in the Belfast Telegraph property awards.

The awards we are finalists for are:

  • Residential Architectural Practice of the Year
  • Innovative Use of Smarthome Technology

New Project | Traditional family home in Bellaghy

We’re pleased to have been appointed as architects for this project outside the village Bellaghy, County Londonderry/Derry

designing this house has to factor many elements. Especially taking in the views & orientation.

the use of large glazing panels, along with traditional Irish building materials, such as stone, timber & slate, will help this project blend into the countryside.

should you have a project you’d like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch with us.

New project | Dromintee, Newry

We’re pleased to have been appointed as architects for an extension and renovation project in Dromintee, Newry County Armagh.

New project Dromintee,  Newry for an extension and renovation

taking into account the orientation of the site & the amazing views up to Slieve Gullion, there’s a few aspect’s we’ll need to consider when designing.

Plenty of glass will be one material that will be used, along with a possibility of external insulation to bring this old farm dwelling up to current modern day living standards.

Timber cladding and local stone will be added to help blend this extension and renovation into the local countryside.

 extension and renovation

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Ballymena excellence awards 2019

Great night at the Ballymena Excellence awards in Tullyglass Hotel.

Unfortunately, this year wasn’t to be for us.
At the Ballymena Excellence Awards, we came away as finalists in, Best Creative Business and Best Business Premises.

To be regarded as one of the best in your field of business is enough to encourage us all as a business & keep moving forward 🙂

Not to be too downhearted, it’ll be onwards & upwards to the Belfast Telegraph property awards in 3 weeks.

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners at the Ballymena excellence awards… Was a great night had by all!!

Belfast Telegraph Property Awards 2019 Finalists

 Belfast Telegraph Property Awards 2019 Finalists

yessssss…more exciting news into the office this week!!

Over the moon to be nominated finalists in 2 categories at the Belfast Telegraph Property Awards 2019

💥 Architectural Practice of the Year Residential 🏡🥂🎉

💥 Innovative use of smart home technology 🏡🥂🎉

looking forward to a great day out in Crowne Plaza Belfast for the awards.

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kilgad house Handover

our traditional style house in Moorfields, Ballymena has been completed & handed over.

New Project | Gladiator Gym Ballymena

internal images for warehouse for gladiator gym in ballymena

We’ve recently been commissioned to make a planning and building control application for one of Ballymena’s best-known gyms – Gladiator Training.

Ran by Scott McGarry over the past 3 years Gladiator gym has gone from strength to strength.

With the additional space, we are proposing the gym will end up with an additional 12000square foot of extra space to train in.

making Gladiator Gym one of the largest in Northern Ireland.

should you have a project you’d like to discuss, feel free to get in touch

Finalists in 2 categories at the Ballymena Business Excellence Awards 2019

Slemish Design Studio Architects finalists at Ballymena Business Excellence Awards 2019.

Some great news for the end of the week.
We’ve been nominated finalists in 2 categories at the Ballymena Business Excellence Awards 2019.

Best Business Premises & Most Creative Business in the Ballymena Area.

Held by the Ballymena Chamber of Commerce, Sponsored by Mid & East Antrim Borough Council & being held in Tullyglass House Hotel has a recipe for a great nights entertainment.

Best of luck to all the finalists & we’ll see you all that evening

#ballymenachamber #midandeastantrim #nightout #architects #deadproud

new project | replacement dwelling ahoghill

A new project through the planning process & heading onto site.

replacement dwelling outside ahoghill ballymena

We gained planning approval for a replacement dwelling (Policy CTY 3 – Replacement Dwellings) on the outskirts of Ahoghill, Ballymena.

the image above shows the state that the existing dwelling was in.

historical maps showed that a building was in the same position, which was used in our statement of case to planning ni.

Anyway, with the boring text out of the road, we’ll post updates of it onsite 🙂

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, feel free to get in touch with our office.

Creating Your First Smart Home

From voice assistants to remotely controlled thermostats and doorbells, your home is set to get a lot more intelligent in the coming years.

what is a smart home

Imagine living in a home that reacts to the way you live, that’s tailored to your needs and is constantly evolving. With the rise of the Internet of Things, homes are becoming smarter every day which means soon we’ll be controlling our lighting, heating, entertainment and more, from just a few swipes on our smartphones.

It might sound like something out of a sci-fi film but smart homes are already here and over the next few years smart devices are going to become a reality in our lives.

So, if you’re toying with the idea of adapting your current home, or building a new home, with smart design and features in mind then this should provide some guidance and inspiration.

Now, let there be heat, light and…fun!


controlling your smart home

Control is potentially the biggest selling point when discussing smart homes, although time and energy efficiency might be a close second, and there are multiple options out there including Amazon Echo (Alexa to you and me), Apple Homekit and Google Home

There are pros and cons to each system but the differences are generally small. When choosing one think about your priorities before exploring the world of compatible devices and accessories.


whats the best smart heating control

Every home needs heat, especially here in Northern Ireland & the whole of Ireland where Slemish Design Studios operates, and a smart home provides more than a few options when it comes to keeping you and your family cosy!

Here in the UK, the most visible smart home heating device currently in the market is Hive as it is designed and maintained by British Gas. Hive, and other similar devices like Nest, will allow you to control your home heating and hot water from one central app.

This control includes the ability to turn the heating on and off at specific times, even when you’re away from home, put your heating system into holiday mode, include geo-identifiers that turns the heating on in preparation for your return and stops pipes freezing during the winter.

Whether you’re designing a new build or considering a home heating upgrade it might be worth considering a smart option as we gradually move closer to this style of heating.


smart lighting systems in kitchen
smart lighting can be brought into your dinings & kitchen area to create a mood

Right next to heating at the top of the list is lighting and there is a growing list of options and possibilities when it comes to smart lighting.

To get started you’ll need wifi bulbs or light strips that connect to your chosen smart home system. Most smart lighting sets, including the Philips Hue range, feature LED bulbs that can be turned on, off and have brightness altered and dimmed depending on the mood you’d like to set.

Beyond that, you can begin to explore the various options available including setting lights to turn on or off at certain times as well as being able to use them as an alerts system when preparing food or boiling the kettle to ensure you never burn another dinner again. Tasty!


Moving on, heating and lighting are obvious essentials but, if you do a quick poll amongst your own household, it will probably become clear that food and entertainment aren’t too far behind either.

Luckily there are more and smarter home devices entering the market every day and the Internet of Things trend is set to grow over the coming years.

At the time of writing, you can get smart TVs, smart fridges, smart kettles, that can be boiled from the comfort of your sofa, and more!

Our advice here would be that if you can think of it, it probably already exists in some shape or form so a quick search on Google should steer you in the right direction.

What’s Next? 

At the time of writing, we’re only at the beginning of the Internet of Things and smart homes so over the next few years more and more devices and opportunities will be created so keep your eyes peeled…

In the meantime, if you have any other questions get in touch, we’re always happy to have a chat and offer advice where we can!

lisnafillon house complete

We have recently overseen the completion of our Lisnafillon house, just outside Ballymena, County Antrim

This modern house has been kitted out with all the latest in smart home technology, from motion detected CCTV to battery backup solar PV

Materials such as western cedar cladding soften the front elevation against the Kilkenny limestone & smooth Weber render

modern house in ballymena by slemish design studio architects

Internally we’ve gone with a neutral tone, using white paint, light grey porcelain tiles & oak doors.

light & airy entrance

Head over to our project page for more images & information on this project.

should you have a project you’d like to discuss, feel free to get in contact with ourselves.