The Wool Tower Riverside Suites Raceview Mill, Broughshane

Modern Bedrooms alongside Broughshane Wool Tower wedding venue

The Riverside Suites came as an additional idea to The Wool Tower project.

Working along with our landlords at Raceview Mill has been great… They’ve not only brought to life a redundant industrial park in Broughshane, Ballymena.
They’ve also brought Broughshane back on the map for wedding venues with The Wool Tower

After this was complete Roy & Dawn brought their next project too us… Giving The Wool Tower its own bedrooms.. this is when the Riverside Suites was brought to life.

With raceview mill being such a large area of redundant buildings from the 1800’s we weren’t stuck with providing accommodation for the bedrooms.
To the back of Raceview Mill runs the Braid River, this was the perfect place for the riverside bedrooms (great name) outside each bedroom has a window opening that can be accessed to the area beside the Braid River.

With a tight timeframe for completion work was finished on time & on the budget, right on time for “wedding season”
Now the Riverside suites are available for general release, so now everyone can enjoy a relaxing wee break in Broughshane.