Fitness Factor Gym Ballymena Co Antrim

Fitness Factor Gym Ballymena (formerly MyGym)

Slemish Design Studio, were instructed to act as architects for a proposed fitness factor gym, based on the Woodside Road, Ballymena, County Antrim.

The challenge at fitness factor was to give strong identity and personality to a deep plan and featureless space originally envisaged for retail use on the ground floor of a large commercial development. Slemish Design Studio created an animated composition of lights and services at high level, which complements the visual complexity of the equipment on the floors, and the movement and activity in the spaces.
When designing the gym layouts a huge number of aspects must be considered, from physical dimensions of the gymnastics equipment to the safe run-offs necessary and the clear height needed above the various apparatus.

If you are considering new premises for an existing gym, or an entirely new venture our experienced team would be pleased to visit your proposed new premises with you to undertake a survey and work up a safe layout that provides the opportunities for all the activities you require, whether that is a focus on high performance gymnastics, recreational gymnastics or early years gym and play.

The fitness factor gym is one of Northern Ireland leading gyms that pride it’s self on being unique. How? Our group based training will guarantee results for all our members, with each training session offering a variation to prevent boredom and increase results.
Unique, because we are the only gym in our area offering My Zone heart rate based training, with each members heart rate on view so we can guarantee you are working at a intensity suitable to you. Recording calories burned and points earned for each workout, you can track every workout you do in the gym.

21 spaces an interior design consultancy in Dublin, were involved with this project.


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Fitness Factor Ballymena
11G Woodside Road, Ballymena,
BT42 4QJ – 028 2565 8733

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Frontage to Fitness Factor gym Ballymena Co Antrim
internals Fitness Factor gym Ballymena Co Antrim
internals Fitness Factor gym Ballymena Co Antrim
internals Fitness Factor gym Ballymena Co Antrim
internals Fitness Factor gym Ballymena Co Antrim
internals sketch from 21Space Fitness Factor gym Ballymena Co Antrim