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we’re extending our office!!!

sooo..we’re taking the 2 rooms below us for more office space.

these rooms were the original entrance into the old office block along with the reception area for the old pattons, joinery works.
these days they are used as the Raceview Mill General Office & a tourism office…. and soon to be new architects office space ūüôā

Our Plans!!!

these ideas have been playing on our mind for quite a while now. with 4 of us in the office we need extra space for meetings.
the master plan is that we use down stairs as our main working office for the 4 of us, which can expand to suit 6/8 people.
& the first floor is to be used as our meeting space with one area being our main meeting area & having a more casual meeting space,
this will help when we’ve 2 meetings on the go & also for when we’ve our monthly CPD’s (continuing professional development)

now the hard bit.

between the 4 of us we’ve been sketching googling, pinteresting the bit out to put ideas on the table… thankfully we’ve always had an idea.. its just putting it into practise.

AMD Services is a building contractor that we’ve worked along with since we’ve started 5 years ago & pleased to say are helping us with the work on the office… again thankfully as we can design really nice house’s etc but when it comes to actually building it, it’s a different story.

the good thing about this office extension, will be that the 4 of us have all input into what it’s going to look like etc.. at the end of the day.. everyone wants to enjoy going to their work!!

I’ll keep you posted with more updates on what’s happening with our office as it goes along.


new offices

Raceview Fest Feature in the Ulster Folk paper

Raceview Fest pull out in the Ulster Folk Paper

Great to see us featured in the The +Ulster Folk Paper this month showcasing the Raceview Fest along with our clients & landlords +Raceview Mill  #Broughshane   #Ballymena

Big thanks to Willie Dreenan for featuring our new office in the centre page pull out & for organising this festival!!

Can’t wait for this weekend – should be good craic.
Hope to decent weather & a good crowd too!!



tickets are still available – check out their facebook page for more information.

The Ulster Folk paper is available to buy in local shops & I’m available for signings too ūüėÄ

Raceview Fest

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raceview mill enterprise units broughshane starts on site

raceview mill enterprise units broughshane starts on site

raceview mill enterprise units broughshane


raceview mill enterprise units broughshane


the enterprise units have started on site….great to see.
for more information keep an eye on our Facebook page¬†¬†& Raceview Mill’s Facebook page¬†






We’ve been pretty busy this past few months, looking at a few options of moving our business forward – moving to our new office is the start of that.

The new studio will be on the first floor of the old Patton Office at the Mill – plenty of natural light with exposed stone walls & timber beams.

We’re hoping to be in for the start of June¬†so there’s a fair bit of work needing done between now & then!!.

a big thank you to everyone who’s encouraged & supported us so far!!!
a few pics of our new office (still work needed!!)



slemish design studio



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Inside New Ireland Article

Nice wee mention in Inside News Ireland for Raceview Mill Broughshane & Slemish Design Studio


Business hub planned for former Patton Group site

Plans have been submitted to convert an historic Ballymena textiles mill into a business hub with the potential to house 11 companies.

The proposals, which the owner of Raceview Mill in Broughshane said would “bring activity, employment and business back to the site”, have been lodged with Belfast City Council.

If approved, the Raceview Road development will have 11 enterprise units for start-up business use, along with a café and art gallery.

The application states that the mill’s owner “has an interest in arts and crafts”, and if the site was to become a business hub that “light industrial” services would “co-exist successfully” with residential use.

Other options outlined in the plans for the mill include a manufacturing plant, although this would include the demolition of the existing buildings.

Raceview also said the mill is “ideally” located to be used an as anaerobic digester plant which would create “some” jobs.

Ballymena architects’ practice Slemish Design Studios has been appointed by Raceview Mill to work on the designs for the potential development.

The site was originally built in 1806 as a linen mill and was converted into a woollen mill in 1893.

Raceview had been left vacant after the collapse of construction company the Patton Group, which was using the facility as an operations hub.

The 100-year-old company¬†appointed administrators in November 2012¬†after experiencing “extremely challenging trading conditions”.

In November, the Belfast Telegraph reported that the mill was set to become a tourist attraction after it had been restored. It was also claimed that the site has the potential to create 100 jobs.

The new application is now pending consideration by Belfast City Council, which is currently undertaking consultations.

Raceview Riverside Path

Our Clients Raceview Mill Ltd have added another proposal for the Raceview Mill Project in Broughshane, County Antrim


taken from their Facebook account:

We have confirmed a number of times we want a safe, family and tourist friendly path at Raceview, to replace the old muddy and dangerous one which was normally used only by dog walkers.

We are delighted therefore to announce our proposal for a BUTTERFLY path running from the Knockan Road, all the way along the river, through the mill to the Raceview Road. This will be a tourist/family friendly path, with butterfly attracting plants alongside.

Here is a comparison of the old path and the new one.

To the side of the old path for most of the way are houses, high concrete posts and ugly wire fencing.
… will run all the way along the river and trees, then through the restored mill.

The old path runs along the primary school grounds endangering children, for instance from people taking photos over or through the fence.
… is well away from the school.

The old path has over 100 yards of a long, horrible, narrow section. In places little more than two feet wide. Pattons raised the height of the concrete wall to 11 foot, topped with barbed wire to keep out those who congregated there.
… will have good width all the way.

The narrow section of the old path has three, blind 90 degree bends. You cannot see who is coming behind you, or who is up ahead. Unsafe and nasty.
… will have no blind turns.

Because of the narrow section it could not be made safe or suitable for tourists and families. We doubt any woman has ever walked it without holding her breath.
‚Ķ will be one where you will want to take visitors, completely safe and insurable ‚Äď a tourist magnet.

No facilities
At the mill end will be toilets, places to sit and relax, have a coffee and a browse around the restored mill if you wish.

Threatens jobs and economic development
… will help the local economy by providing passing trade for the local fledgling businesses in the craft and enterprise units.

We are convinced the old path was a permissive right of way, not a public right of way. Given the evidence we have collected, we believe the council’s investigation will confirm this.
We had to close the old path for safety reasons and we did so properly after consultation with council officers and giving proper written notice.

Sincere thanks to those forward thinking members of the Broughshane community who have been so supportive to date. Raceview Mill is a commercial venture but that does not mean it cannot also be an asset to the whole community.



raceview riverside path



Raceview Mill Project

Raceview Mill enterprise units, Broughshane, Ballymena

Conceptual 3D visuals of what the enterprise units will look like at Raceview Mill, Broughshane.
Slemish Design Studio Architects are working along with Ross Planning, planning consultants and our clients Raceview Mill Ltd.
Our plan is to create a spectacular mixed-use development that will draw tourists to the village of Broughshane.

The first phase is to build a new workspace for local enterprises. These will be designed in a similar style to the other mill buildings.  These could be opened in February 2104 and leased from £35 a week.
Other options are that he old mill buildings could be used for storage for the units and arts and crafts area.
A later phase hopes to see the creation of boutique hotel rooms; these will overlook the Braid River and the transformation of the main building in to a restaurant, remodelling the old water tower in to a glass tower with views of Slemish.

All further information can be found at the our clients Facebook page



raceview mill enterprise units


raceview mill enterprise units


raceview mill enterprise units


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raceview mill enterprise units raceview mill enterprise units raceview mill enterprise units raceview mill enterprise units raceview mill enterprise units raceview mill enterprise units


new project for raceview mill broughshane county antrim

Raceview Mill Broughshane appoint ballymena architects Slemish Design Studio

We are very pleased to announce that Slemish Design Studio have been chosen as architects for the first phase of the development for Raceview Mill

Working along side our Client & Ross Planning we will be bringing the first stage of a very exciting plan for both our client and the local area of Broughshane & Ballymena

Overall the vision of this project is to include enterprise units, warehousing, boutique hotel, gallery & workshop, office space, top class restaurant, residential area and much more.

Keep up-to-date, by liking & following both our page and Raceview Mill ltd




raceview mill broughshane raceview mill broughshane raceview mill broughshane