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PPS 21  Advice on the implementation of Policy CTY 10 – Dwellings on Farms – Active Farmers

PPS21 Planning – farm dwellings

The above policy in PPS 21 will allow a dwelling to be permitted on an active farm, every 10 years subject to certain criteria. Criterion (c) of Policy CTY 10 operates with a presumption that the dwelling is
sited to either visually link or cluster with an established group of buildings on the farm. As an exception, consideration will be given to an alternative site away from other buildings on the farm where there are either, demonstrable health and safety reasons, or verifiable plans to expand the farm business at the existing group of buildings.
In this respect the applicant will be required to submit appropriate supporting evidence demonstrating to the satisfaction of Planning Service that it is not appropriate or feasible to position the dwelling in close proximity to existing buildings on the farm. Such evidence may include a report from an independent consultant.
Given the site specific element within this policy, prospective applicants and their agents are strongly encouraged to consider carefully matters such as site
selection, particularly where an alternative site away from existing buildings is proposed, including the substance of any supporting evidence.

Note: The policy also allows for the selection of a well landscaped site adjacent to a building group on a farm where there is a degree of visual linkage.
Prospective applicants should NOT make any direct approaches to either Environmental Health or the Health & Safety Executive NI in advance of making
their application. Planning Service will consult with all relevant statutory bodies / agencies where appropriate.

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