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Farm Diversification in Northern Ireland under PPS21

Planning permission will be granted for a farm or forestry diversification proposal where it has been demonstrated that it is to be run in conjunction with the agricultural operations on the farm.
The following criteria will apply:
(a) terms of character and scale it is appropriate to its location;
(b) it will not have an adverse impact on the natural or built heritage; and
(c) it will not result in detrimental impact on the amenity of nearby residential
dwellings including potential problems arising from noise, smell and pollution.
Proposals will normally only be acceptable where they involve the re-use or adaptation of existing farm buildings.
Exceptionally, a new building may be permitted where there is no existing building available to accommodate the proposed use, either because they are essential for the maintenance of the existing farm enterprise, are clearly unsuitable for adaptation and re-use or cannot be adapted to meeting the requirements of other statutory agencies.
Where a new building is justified it should be satisfactorily integrated with an existing group of buildings.

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