tips on planning an extension

The planning stage is an important part of planning your extension or renovation. Working that little bit more now will help in the long run with your project.

 tips on planning an extension

It doesn’t matter what size your project will be, it pays to sit down with your architects & go over everything in detail.
This is the part of the project that we find clients most existed.. the before stage, sitting down & going over their ideas for what they want at the end of it all.

In our case studies with our clients, we’ve asked them to pass on some tips for planning your project.

Having done this twice, and saying after the first time never again –I think self-builders should be prepared for the extra effort and time it will take to go through this process. Having lived in quite a few different houses, we were lucky in that we knew how we liked to live,
Tristan & Ruth Kells House
Just really enjoy it, make sure you have a positive mindset towards the project. Choose your architect carefully and encourage them to push the envelope with your brief a little. Remember they have trained to create new and exciting buildings. Look at lots and lots of architecture online and challenge your tastes. I read that your taste will change every 5 years.
Be very clear about what you want. Never take anything for granted and write everything down. You will always go back to look for that one name and number. Finally, just enjoy it!
Cathy – Rathkenny House
building a house is one of the most stressful things you can do but also very rewarding,
I would advise anyone who is thinking about it to definitely give it ago but make sure you get the right people behind you from the start.
Mark & Nicola – Buckna House

 For renovation inspiration, check out this before and after project just outside Randalstown, County Antrim


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