we’re extending our office!!!

sooo..we’re taking the 2 rooms below us for more office space.

these rooms were the original entrance into the old office block along with the reception area for the old pattons, joinery works.
these days they are used as the Raceview Mill General Office & a tourism office…. and soon to be new architects office space 🙂

Our Plans!!!

these ideas have been playing on our mind for quite a while now. with 4 of us in the office we need extra space for meetings.
the master plan is that we use down stairs as our main working office for the 4 of us, which can expand to suit 6/8 people.
& the first floor is to be used as our meeting space with one area being our main meeting area & having a more casual meeting space,
this will help when we’ve 2 meetings on the go & also for when we’ve our monthly CPD’s (continuing professional development)

now the hard bit.

between the 4 of us we’ve been sketching googling, pinteresting the bit out to put ideas on the table… thankfully we’ve always had an idea.. its just putting it into practise.

AMD Services is a building contractor that we’ve worked along with since we’ve started 5 years ago & pleased to say are helping us with the work on the office… again thankfully as we can design really nice house’s etc but when it comes to actually building it, it’s a different story.

the good thing about this office extension, will be that the 4 of us have all input into what it’s going to look like etc.. at the end of the day.. everyone wants to enjoy going to their work!!

I’ll keep you posted with more updates on what’s happening with our office as it goes along.


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