Ballyclare house Air test architects slemish design studio

Ballyclare house Air test from Atbec for Slemish Design Studio

We’ve recently had another air test carried out by atbec ltd, for a project of ours in Ballyclare.
under the old building control regulations our clients house has managed to achieve an Air Permeability Rate, Q50: 4.05 m3/(hr.m2) @ 50 Pa.

Ballyclare house Air test


Air tightness testing is undertaken to determine a building’s air permeability rating, most commonly in order to demonstrate Part L compliance. Air leakage is a significant cause of heat loss, and is therefore a major contributor to energy inefficiency in buildings. For this reason, Part L of the Building Regulations requires new buildings to meet specific air permeability targets.

The test itself is a relatively straightforward process; most tests and any post-test leakage diagnosis are completed in a day or less. Air tightness testing should be undertaken when buildings are virtually complete and under calm weather conditions. Depending on the size, complexity and height of the building, either large trailer-mounted fans or smaller electric ‘blower-door-fans’ are used to undertake the test.


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