Planning approval on Deerfin Road, Ballymena

Ballymena architects receive planning approval at another site in Ballymena

We just received planning approval for a site on the Deerfin Road, Ballymena, County Antrim
After what was initially thought by planning to be a refusal, we manage to get the correct information to prove that they were indeed wrong & that our application should be approved.
This then took 6 months for the approval to come thought!!!!
Usually we’ve approvals in less time, but with some more sensitive application, extra time should be allowed.

Once approval came in we went straight in to Building Control with their application.
I’m now pleased to say our client has at long last got started on site 🙂

We’ll keep up-to-date with this project (like all our projects) to keep you all informed.
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Planning approval Deerfin Road, Ballymena

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