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ballymena architects slemish design studio on most social media platforms

Not content with bringing you all our latest architectural projects/news and information on our website blog…..we’re also on a lot more social media pages.

Updating slemish design studio website can be quite a lot on it’s own, but as architects we look at all other ways of showing what type of designs we produce and as a way to drive brand awareness, connect with people with similar passions and to do what all business owners seek – attract leads and clients looking for good architects.
Starting off nearly a year ago with Facebook and twitter, we progressed to most of the other media’s.

below is a list of those we’re on.

skype: slemishdesignstudio

We think we’ve covered most of the important ones

check out our other media pages & if your feeling generous share them/like them/ contribute to them

ballymena architects social media




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